The administrative structure of the university is hierarchical and consists of the Proprietor and Board of Trustees as well as other organs and officers whose functions facilitate policy formulation, implementation and decision-marking processes to ensure the smooth operations of the university.

  1. President

The Proprietor appoints members of the Board of Trustees as provided for in the University Law. The Proprietor, though the Board of Trustees, has control over the property ,the income and expenditure of the university.

  1. Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the highest governing body of the university and is charged with the overall policy of directing of the university .The membership of the Board of Trustees is defined in the University Law.

  1. Council

The Council is in charge of the general management of the affairs of the university and in particular the control of the property and expenditure of the university.

  1. Senate

The Senate is the highest decision making body on academic matters relating to the university. The Senate, with the approval of Council and the Ministry of Education can establish new campus, faculty, department, school, iustitute or other teaching and research units. The Vice-Chancellor is the chairman of Senate.

  1. Congregation

The Congregation provides an opportunity for members to meet and express their views on all matters affecting the interest and its members the Vice-Chancellor is the chairman at all meetings of Congratulations.

  1. Convocation

Convocation is one of the statuary organs of the university. The Chancellor is chairman at all meetings of convocation. 

  1. Faculties and Departments

The University, which is operated along faculty lines, is established based upon the guidelines outlined the in the University Law .Faculties are the centres for teaching, research and community service in the academic disciplines they offer. Each faculty is divided into such number of specialized areas of knowledge referred to as academic departments prescribed and delineated and approved by Senate and each department is directly responsible for the control of teaching, examination and evaluation of students. Each faculty has a Faculty Board, Faculty Board of Studies and Faculty Board of review; while a department has a Department Board and the school of Postgraduate Studies has a Board of School of Postgraduate Studies.

  1. Chancellor

The Chancellor is the highest principal officer of the university and takes precedence over all other members of the university. The Chancellor is the Chairman of Convocation ceremonies and other assemblies of the university help for the conferment of degrees,  diplomas, certificates and other awards.

  1. Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Council

The Pro-Chancellor takes precedence before all members of the university except at Convocation where the Chancellor takes precedence. The Pro-Chancellor is the Chairman of the Governing Council. The Pro-Chancellor guides the institution towards full and  continued development.

  1. Vice-Chancellor

The  Vice-Chancellor has the general function, in addition to any other functions conferred on him by the University Law or otherwise, of directing the activities of the university and to the exclusion of any other power or authority and exercises such functions as may be conferred on, or imposed upon him by the University Law, statues and regulations and subject to the provision of the University Law, exercises general supervision over disciplines in the university, monitoring the efficiency and good order of the university.

  1. Deputy Vice-Chancellor

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor shall assist the Vice-Chancellor in the performance of his functions and shall perform such other functions as the Vice-Chancellor or the Council may, from time to time, assign to him.

  1. Registrar

The Registrar is the chief administrative officer of the university and is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the day to day administrative activities of the university. The Registrar is the secretary to the Governing Council, Senate, Congregation and Convocation and the custodian of the seal and other legal documents of the university.

  1. Bursar

The Bursar is the chief finance officer of the university, and is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the administration and control of the financial affairs of the university.

  1. University Librarian

The University Librarian is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the administration of the library services in the university and for any other matters relating to the library.

  1. Director of Academic Planning

The Director of Academic Planning is an accomplished academic and planner with a sound knowledge of government policies and for any other matters relating to the library.

  1. Director of Works and Physical Planning

The Director of Works and Physical Planning is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the proper planning, orderly development and maintenance of physical facilities of the university.

  1. Director of Health Services

The Director of Health Services is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for health care delivery to staff and students. He or she is responsible for running a well-equipped Medical Centre on campus by ensuring the provision of qualified staff, drugs and other facilities. 

  1. Dean of Student Affairs

The Dean of Student Affair is appointed by the Vice-Chancellor to coordinate Student Affairs services of the university. The Dean cultivates effective and efficient system of communication between students and the management of the university.

  1. Dean of Faculty

The faculties of the University are supervised by Deans.The Deans of a faculty is a Professor, elected by Faculty Board. The Dean is the Chairman at all meeting of the Faculty Board.

  1. Head of Department

Each academic department of the University has a Head of Department who is responsible through the registrar to the Vice-Chancellor, through the Dean of the Faculty for coordinating guiding and supervising, teaching, examinations, research and other activities in the department.