The serious distortions and inefficiencies suffered by African education systems despite the absorption of significant public resources for over thirty years had brought some African governments, on the advice of the World Bank, to adopt strategies for reorienting the resources available to Professionalized Teachings. Convinced that Africa needs top executives and effective superior technicians to establish efficient economic development, promoters in their pan-african vision had decided to take up this noble challenge and put their time and energy available to this ideal. It is in this context that the School of Management of Informatics and Sciences (ESGIS) was established in the year 1994 in Togo, in Benin in the year 2005 and in the year 2012 in Gabon.

ESGIS is an approved Private Higher School who evolves under the aegis of the Board of Higher Education and Research of TOGO, BENIN and GABON. As a School of high level conceptual and practical training accredited by the African and Malagasy Council of Higher Education (CAMES) in several channels, it aims to make available to private companies and public services in African countries generally, competent, dynamic and honest executives having a strong sense of responsibility in accounting and financial management, in sales management, in informatics, and in advanced technology sectors such as telecommunications and electronics. Through educational outcomes it has produced, for over twenty years with a very high employability rate, it has established itself as one of the best schools in the sub-region, searching constantly for excellence.

To achieve its objectives, this reference School has implemented a dynamic policy taking into account six key factors:

  • Highly qualified human resources including:
    • An effective administrative staff
    • A teaching staff combining the experience to proficiency
  • Modern infrastructure and a very pleasant setting
  • Upscale training materials
  • Physical and digital library with more than 1,500 books
  • A distance training platform E-learning ESGIS 3A ON LINE (Anywhere, Anytime, Anything,)
  • An effective and active partnership with French, British and Canadian Universities and Outstanding Schools.