The Association of Students of the ESGIS (ASSETE) represents all students of the school. It is headed by an executive board elected for a renewable two-year.

The Association of the Former Students of ESGIS (AAEE)

Since its creation in 1994, ESGIS has trained thousands of graduates who today occupy positions of responsibility in various sectors of the national and international economy.

This association aims essentially to:

  • Create an environment favorable for meetings, dialogue and exchange;
  • Favor access to internships and professional integration of young people;
  • Establish an environment favorable to conception and execution of innovative projects for its members;
  • Establish a help and support force, a successful model for future graduates of ESGIS;
  • Etc.

The various clubs evolving under the aegis of the ASSETE :

Informatics Club

The informatics club is a place of meeting of the youth passionate of informatics. It allows its members to strengthen and improve their ability to use computers and the Internet.These activities cover several areas such as: the effective use of social networks (facebook, twitter, etc.), the creation and animation of blogs, web site creation, the e-commerce, the programming, the network, the security and the system.

Audiovisual and Cinema Club

The audiovisual Club’s role is to introduce members to the handling of photos devices and cameras. It trains members in image, pictures, sound, video editing acquisition techniques with professional software (Vegas …) and produces films, commercials, infomercials, documentaries, etc.

ESGIS English Club

It is a melting pot in which students meet to improve in the language of SHAKESPEARE, to develop automation and to become saturated of the Anglo-Saxon culture.

Club of young businessman

This club allows young learners to master the tools of entrepreneurship; learn how to implement and carry out a project research as well as be able to identify funding sources at national and international level.

Journal Club: la FINE PLUME

  • To develop writing skills of members
  • To learn journalistic techniques
  • To enrich vocabulary and grammar

Modeling Club

It is a leisure club which gives an opportunity for students to practice in the field of modeling (walking technique, fashion show, etc.)

Miss Esgis Committee

It is a true autonomous project that promotes physical and intellectual beauty. It mobilizes a lot of energy in terms of organization and management of events. Under the supervision of a jury, there is an annual election of a MISS ESGIS and her princesses. This event is a stirring time between administration, teachers, students and officials or representatives of partner institutions.

Sport Club

These sports clubs are complement essential for training, contribute to the full blossoming of students and their ability to forge challenge.

Several disciplines are currently active:

  • Football
  • Basketball,
  • Ping-Pong,
  • Martial arts (Karate, Taekondo, Judo, etc.),
  • Swimming,
  • Etc.

Company games Club

A cerebral sport that helps develop mental acuity:

  • chess,
  • scrable,
  • Checkers,
  • Etc.