•  Seminar on Transportation in Togo

It is a project brilliantly orchestrated by group of students in Master International Management, which brought together for a week in the conference room of the Port of Lome, key stakeholders in the transport business in Togo (freight forwarders, consignors, ship owners) for academic romance into the problems with the Togolese transportation. It identified key problems and through empirical approaches, conclusions were reached and recommendation made. The event came to a climax with a banquet- “Night of Transport” at the banquet hall of the Sarakawa hotel with nearly two hundred CEOs and managers in attendance.

  •  Projet CINC (Carrefour International de l’Innovation à Cotonou)

It is a very important project that brought together in Cotonou African innovators (those who have had to invent, produce, create either a tool or a machine or a product) and actors in the industrial world (decision makers, investors, etc.) in a platform of international affairs. (Link to website)

  • The night of the student (Pictures)

It is an annual event that marks the end of the calendar year by a rich party organized by students in the context of regional and cultural integration.

  • Week of the Leader (Pictures)

It is a Cultural Week organized by students themselves in March that helps to develop leadership and organization abilities. Each represented community in the institution also finds the opportunity to promote its culture (culinary art, outfits, traditional dances, etc.). It ends with the “Nuit du Patriote” (pictures)

  • The project Tournoi Solidarité Basketball (pictures)

It is a Sports tournament that puts in competition all Basketball teams of the near outstanding schools and University to mobilize resources to finance social works.

  • The Picnics (pictures)

Decompression times.

  • Other projects of ESGIS COTONOU AND LIBREVILLE (pictures)
  • MAB Project (Best Artisan of Benin) (pictures)